Sunday, November 3, 2013

My Style

First the things I don't like.  These are things I don't like but I know a lot of people like them.  So more power to you, and I'm happy for you in your cute clothes!

Bows and Ruffles.  Ugh.  I remember my mom trying to put me into bows and ruffles and I hated it.  I also disliked pink.  Poor mom, I was her only daughter with five brothers and I would scoff at any time of flouncy frills.   For instance, I hate the bow on the Ruffled Hem Pullover at Anthropology..  Take that bow off, change the color, and I love it!

Personally I don't think jumpsuits flatter anyone.  And going to the bathroom wearing one of these is just not worth the effort. 

I fear wild prints.  Especially if I'm sewing because the placement of wild prints are very difficult.  There's nothing like sewing an outfit and realize their are two bright oranges covering your lady bits in a very obvious manner.

Low rider jeans.  It's just a risky game people play.  Plumbers butt or butt cleavage looks bad on every body type.  And I don't like super high skirts that one little leg crossed two high will show all that you have. 

So what do I like?  I like leggings done right.  Where the shirt is long enough.  Alissa does it so well.  She always looks great.

Scarves and cowls.  Lucky for me I get to share scarves with my daughter.

I like boots.  I like them with pants and with jeans.  I love fall when I can break out my boots! Boots WITH a scarf, yes I'm happy!

Maxi skirts because they are so comfy and look pretty!  Plus they're a cinch to sew!

If you spend time on my fashion pinterest board you can tell I'm a simple and sporty dresser.  Now if I had the money to beef up my wardrobe, that would be sweet!

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Trish said...

Although I haven't yet embraced the maxi, I completely agree with you! And you always look adorable!

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