Thursday, May 9, 2013

I'm Walking Away

Walk Away Squibs and Crackers
I consider myself a devoted person.  If you need a loyal friend, I'm your girl.  However, I have come to a point in my life where I find myself reevaluating, learning, and questioning my surroundings.

My family is of the utmost importance.  When it comes to them I stand strong and I will not falter.  John and my children are my life lines.

When it comes to volunteering for everything that comes my way, some things have got to go.  I must be selective.  No guilt here.

When it comes to faith, it is a journey.

I have always been told how to believe, what to believe, when to believe.  Lately I have learned to question everything.  I need to know the how, what, and when for myself.  I am learning to let go of the guilt I have been taught when my how, what, when and why is different.

I am amazed by the people that can walk away from the things in their life that is not working for them. I am even more amazed that their parents and family support them as they walk a different path. 

Jen Hatmaker said in a recent post,

Walk away gracefully; we need not fire parting shots over the bow. That only creates more losers, and you're better than that. Take your dignity and self-respect and precious humanity, and be proud of the way you handled yourself one year from now. You don't need to be proven right; much more is at stake than validation. You'll never regret being gracious, but you might deeply regret burning a bridge that might one day be safe enough to venture back over.
My plan this year is to walk away gracefully with no parting shots.


terrah said...

What a lovely thought!

I'm here to talk if you ever want to.

I'm happy you are my neighbor!

Trish said...

I wish you peace on your journey, dear friend.
Lots and lots of peace. It's a precious thing.

Trish said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jason, as himself said...

Very well put.

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