Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Link Up

Madison was featured at One Little Momma.  Thanks Kilee!
I'm ordering this cookbook.
I met Lisa at SNAP.  She is truly down to earth and sweet.
This fruit salad shall be on our table tonight.
I can't imagine leaving for a year.  Seriously.  I couldn't do it.

1 comment:

Trish said...

A year. Huh.
I often think that I spend too much time on the Internet. I basically have it with me at all times now that I have a smart phone. And I know that I do waste a lot of time on it.
But I also think that I keep a casual dialogue going with a lot more people than I would ever be able to physically (or by phone) keep up with. If I spoke to each of my kids on the phone each day, it would take hours to cover what we can chat about here and there through the day via Facebook or email. And I'm not very likely to wander around the neighborhood visiting each of my neighbor friends every day either.
But I do look forward to breaks from it. A 4 day camping trip with no cell service suits me well. ;)

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