Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Snap Conference

Months ago I signed up for Snap.  
I was super excited.  Now I'm super nervous.  
Blogging is my hobby.  
This conference is for super bloggers.

I am in introvert by nature.  
It is very difficult for me to approach people.  
It is my goal to become friends with someone.  

I hope to learn, laugh, and to become a better blogger.

I printed these business cards for a writing conference I went to last year.  
Only no one was passing out cards so I didn't give a single one away.  
I don't really like how these cards look anymore, 
but I have about a gazillion of them so I couldn't justify printing new ones.  
Please take my card and don't judge.

Here's to a fun conference!

1 comment:

Honeybee said...

So fun meeting you Katrine. I'm so glad you came up to me to chat. Hope you had a great time at Snap, I sure did. Trying to remember it all! Have a good day.

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