Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Dear Madison,  Did you know the most painful thing about you being a grown up is that you have the ability to go to Cafe Reo WITHOUT me?  Share the love food.

Dear Cameron, You look great in your new blue and teal braces.  Only 18 more months to go!

Dear Ethan, You have always been so easy going and happy.  Suddenly, you're getting an opinion!  I'm trying to remember that's a good thing!

Dear Devin,  You're not a fan of Spirit Week.  Yesterday you were supposed to dress like a nerd but you weren't having it.  Today, it was crazy hair day and you couldn't be bothered.  Oh well, it saves me from extra work!

Dear John, Your ability to work so tirelessly for our family is a super human skill!

Dear Carlos Arredondo, We've never met but you are my hero!  You made your boys proud.

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