Monday, April 15, 2013


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  Lost my deoderant so this will have to do.  
Arctic Refresh is a pleasing sent for a girl, right?
 I've been signing my son's homework with the names of cartoon characters.  
The teacher hasn't noticed yet.
Responses from my brother, the school teacher:
Jason:  Oh that is evil!
Me:  Now you're wondering if any parent has done this to you before!
Jason: I always check for authentic signatures

He wears these gloves daily, rain or shine.  
Playing outside or eating spaghetti.  
They are called his colorful gloves.
Nursery rhyme day!  
He's a King horseman from Humpty Dumpty!  
"Mom, this helmet makes my head sweat!"
(I had a rough time trying to convince him to wear his costume.  He wanted to wear his Ninja costume.  He thought it would be "much cooler" if Humpty Dumpty had Ninjas!)

Darth Vader doesn't watch you in the bath?  
Well, you just ain't living right, girl!

I told my husband to hide the Cadbury mini eggs to I wouldn't eat them.  He's the worst hider in the world!  
I found them in the first place I looked!

Seriously, man!
Improve your hiding skills!

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