Thursday, March 21, 2013

Favorite Mom Fashion Blogs

There are lots of fashion blogs out there.  Like a lot.  I follow ones that feature momiforms.  They lack the 5" heels, but moms still want to look cute.  And please do it on a budget.  And please do it with clothing that can have a 32 ounce Dr. Pepper spilled on them and we won't have to take our soaked clothing to the dry cleaners.  (This totally happened yesterday AFTER I mopped the floors and cleaned all the outside of all my cabinets.)

La Vie Petite is actually featuring her momiform today.  If you like her skirt you can buy one for yourself.
Five Days Five Ways mixes colors, patterns, styles.  She has a fun feature called Thrifted or Grifted where you guess if her clothes are from the thrift store or purchased first hand items.
I'm a new follower to Life, Love, and Babies.  I adore her fun style.
One Little Momma is currently wearing cute pregnancy style fashion.  I no longer need this style, trust me, but I still get inspiration from her wardrobe.
House of Rose may not technically be a fashion blog, but Mandy always looks so put together.

And one must never forget Pinterest for fashion.  If only my closet had as many clothes as my board does!

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