Thursday, March 14, 2013

Glorious Spring

A year ago last March
Today my windows are open.  Did you hear that my little blog world, my windows are open!  In your face, winter! 

I hear the boys jumping on the trampoline.  We're popular because of our jumping apparatus and not because of my charming personality.

I hear the Black Hawk helicopters flying overhead.  This happens often when you live over the hill from a military base.

I hear my stupid dog who wants someone to play with him.  I took you for a walk and looked at you, leave me alone.

I smell fresh air.  Oh, the sweet air replacing the stale winter air.

I hear Devin whining because that's what he does in spite of winter or spring.

I see pictures on Instagram of my Texas friends playing on the beach.  I'm trying to not be jealous.

I don't smell dinner, because I'm the only one who cooks and I have a serious case of I don't wanna's!

It was a long winter.
But thank you, thank you, I think Spring glorious Spring may be here!

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