Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Smelly Words

$2.00 Shoes.  They do not smell.

Yesterday I headed to a thrift store for their 50% off sale.  I was picking up pants here, a shirt here, more pants there.  As I was walking along I smelled something drifting through the air, bad body odor.  "Oh, I hope that person passes by quickly," I thought.

I picked up another shirt here.  A cute beige wrap shirt.  I loved it!  With the sale it was only going to cost $2.00!  "Geez, where is that smelly person?"  I walked down the aisle to get past the assaulting stench.

Swipe, swipe, swipe, I went through the clothing.  "This BO is really bad!"  I looked up to see if I could find the person with extremely bad hygiene that was following me around the store.  There was no one near me.  It dawned on me that possibly this foul stench was coming from me!  I began to smell each garment of clothing I was holding.  Pants, no.  Jeans, no.  Cute wrap shirt, oh my freaking crap this thing stinks!  I was the foul person!  I quickly put the disgusting garment back on the rack and high tailed it out of there before anyone thought I never showered. 

My daughter asked me a few days ago if I ever talked to myself.  "When I do, you don't want to be around me.  I'm really mean to myself!"  It's true.  The conversations I have with me, myself, and I are filled with, "You're so stupid."  "Why did you say that?"  "You are one big idiot!"  "You are fat and ugly!"  It's not pretty, my friends.  Those words trail behind me like a bad stench filling my heart with sadness, depression, and anxiety.  Just as I carried the offending shirt close to me, if I'm not careful I carry those offensive words close to my heart.  Not only will I be able to "smell" my words my family and anyone close to me will be able to "smell" what my attitude is.

The lesson to this little story is to wash your clothes before you donate them.  PLEASE!  And most importantly, I need to be kind to myself because I can't leave my mean thoughts behind on a shelf at the store.

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shopwithpippa.com said...

Ha ha ... funny story! Yes, I have learned this the hard way.
Thank you for stopping by. My blog www.ShopwithPippa.com is more of a collaborative family effort. I, Pippa, do the shopping and all of my girls (occasionally my son) wear the clothing and let me take pictures of them! pippa

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