Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love Day

Dear Devin,
You are the caboose of our run-away train.  You put the fun into our crazy.  I treasure those few hours we have alone until your brothers and friends come home.  Even if it is the most boring time of day for you.  Your eyes and smile always make me feel so happy!

Dear Ethan,
Man, you are smart!  Nothing gets past you.  I admire how easily all your learning comes to you.  You are always good for a joke!  I am so glad you have your Dad's blue eyes.  

Dear Cameron,
Things are changing for you.  The little boy is disappearing and a man is coming.  It's hard to make you laugh, but when you do everything is right in the world.  Keep working hard, it will always bring you success.

Dear Madison,
Thank you for being such an example for your little brothers.  It's tough being the oldest! Everyone sees your outside beauty, but after knowing you for a moment it's clear your heart is more beautiful.  Things are exciting for you right now!  It's been fun seeing how excited you are for Valentines Day this year with your boyfriend.

Dear John,
How many Valentines have we had together?  I've lost count.  Thank you for your tireless devotion to your family.  I am in awe of how hard you work for your family.  I hope you can get home by 7:00 tonight so I can share a couple of hours with you on Valentines Day! 

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