Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Life is Fragile

My heart is sad for many who are losing loved ones.
I've said those good-byes and they are sacred moments.

I have a friend who lost his father a couple of days ago and his mom a few months previous.

A friend from my high school passed away in November.  I only learned of it on the day that would have been his Birthday.  Instead of going to his Facebook page to wish him a happy birthday, I learned of his death.  I'm grateful I reconnected with him on Facebook last year. 

My son Ethan has a little boy in his class who is spending his last days at home with his family.  His father is taking beautiful pictures and journaling these last sweet moments with his son. I am holding my kids a little longer.  Looking deeper into their eyes.  And feeling more gratitude for our time together.
Read his words.  They will change your life. 
Mitchell's Journey

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Trish said...

Can't stop crying....

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