Monday, February 25, 2013

Food On My Mind

I am loving Plan To Eat.  Seriously, this menu planning system makes meal planning so simple!  The way you add recipes you find online is a breeze.  I like that you can see pictures of all your recipes.  And the way you add the dinners to the menu is a simple click, drag, and drop.  Love it!  I learned about it from Meal Planning Boot Camp.  She teaches you everything you need to know about Plan To Eat, but don't worry, it's easy!  I am in the middle of the free trial.  I never pay for a subscription for anything, but I think this time I am going to do it.  That's how much I love it!  (no one pays for my opinion, but I think my husband should!  Ha) 

Just as I was writing this post I logged into Plant To Eat and I saw they have now added a feature (or I missed it) where they will figure out the calories for your recipes!  That's one less step for me because I used to have to figure it out on!  Amazing!

I don't usually make lemon bars because my husband hates lemon flavor.  I don't usually makes things with coconut because my daughter doesn't like coconut.  I found this recipe with lemon and coconut so I made them to share with my neighbors.  I got a lot of compliments on them!  And to my surprise my husband and daughter like these lemon bars.  Go figure!

I believe Pioneer Woman knows my hatred for gravy and made Restaurant Style mashed potatoes just for me.  They are delicious!

I'm really trying hard to eliminate process foods from our diet.  I'm not interested in Organic because I feel there is too much misleading information out there.  But the processed stuff is not healthy and it has to go.  After reading about my children's beloved Gogurt, I found Brown Cow yogurt, it doesn't have the processed ingredients and the price was right.  I think it's delicious, but Devin doesn't like it.  I sent it to school with Cameron and Ethan so we'll have to see if it passed their taste test.  Does anyone have any tips on converting your family from processed to unprocessed food?

I'm trying to be a good girl using My Fitness Pal.

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Trish said...

There were lemon coconut bars?!? :.(

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