Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Five Things I Forget

1.  I don't make lists because I think I will remember.  And then I forget.  This little item also drives my husband bonkers as well.

2.  I get library fines.  And then the librarian gets all grumpy and gives me a lecture on turning books in on time.  Doesn't she realize she probably wouldn't have a pay check without forgetful people like me?!  I think I keep that library in business.  So stupid. 

3.  There are a few people in my life who are just mean.  But I keep forgetting how mean they are and go back for more. 

4.  One of my children has a little sore on his foot that hurts when he puts on his shoe.  I keep forgetting to call the Doctor.  Every morning before the clinic opens he puts on his shoe, I say I need to call as soon as the clinic opens and then I forget until the next morning.  It's a never ending cycle!

5.  I have a habit of writing a phone number on a piece of paper without a name.  I think I'll remember who's number it is but I never do.  So I have all these little post it notes with random unknown phone numbers.  Ridiculous!

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