Thursday, February 28, 2013

Book Reviews

I am horrible writing book reviews.  Seriously.  I am embarrassed when someone friends me on Goodreads because now they know the truth, I never learned anything from all my Elementary school book reports.  The ironic thing is I love to read!  It's a shame, really.  So if you want to roll your eyes an groan you can read my reviews on Goodreads.  I realize you have better things to do so I will quickly list my recent reads for you.

The Woman Who Wasn't There  4 stars 
Rurally Screwed: My Life Off the Grid with the Cowboy I Love  3 stars
Matched  3 Stars 
A Life in Stitches: Knitting My Way through Love, Loss, and Laughter  3 stars
Beautiful Creatures  2 stars
Wife 22  4 stars
Brain On Fire 4 stars

Are you a read one book at a time type person?  I used to be until I got my kindle.  Now I have one on my kindle and one hard copy book at all times.  I also usually have an audio book I'm listening to also.  I am currently reading:
Safe Haven  (kindle)
Killing Floor (book)
A is for Alibi (audio)

1 comment:

Trish said...

I can only read one fiction book at a time. But I can do 1or 2 non fictions at the same time. I no good at book reviews.

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