Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Vine and Instagram

Are you on Vine?  It's another fun social media app, because we don't have enough in our lives, right?  You share 6 seconds of video.  You can find me simply as Katrine.

I am in a book club again, yeah!  We chose the book Beautiful Creatures.  As I'm reading it's becoming very familiar.  I already read this book!  Because I have such a bad memory I am reading it again to find out if I liked it or not.  Boom!

I was tagged by my friend Carli to list 5 things about myself on Instagram.
1. I am the only girl out of 5 brothers.  I have one daughter and three sons.  This all boy thing is becoming a tradition.
2.  I am hydrophobic.
3.  I've had short hair my entire life until now.
4.  My ancestors were polygamists.
5.  I have been a blogger for 9 years.

I tagged my daughter.  She said,
1. I have Heterochromia Iridim, which means I have two different colored eyes.
2.  I'm 5' and 90 lbs and I've always been on the small side.
3.  I'm currently attending college for Pre surgical technology
4. I'm classified as a type red personality.
5.  I played soccer for 10 years and sang in choir for 13 years.

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