Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Random Thoughts In My Head

My husband works so hard.  I wish I could lighten his burden.  I will forever be grateful for him for taking his role as provider for our children very seriously.  My children know they are loved because of his sacrifices.  He rocks!

I watched The Following last night.  Never again!  I was excited because I am a Kevin Bacon fan.  It was just too bloody and gory.

I'm afraid my son will fail kindergarten because I fail to write down the time we spend reading.  You think it would be easy but I find it extremely difficult to get a pen and write down a number in his folder.  Challenges, people!

I finally got to love on my nephew. It's fun to see my baby brother with a baby.

I have problems with family members who just won't be nice to anyone, and I just keep going back for more.  I went to my older brother asking advice.  He said, "When are you ever going to learn?"  I have no idea, but I hope soon!

This dog is making me CRAZY!

And then he looks at me like this. It's a conspiracy, I tell you!


terrah said...

I was excited about The Following too. But I did hear that even a radio reviewer thought the violence was gratuitous, and often geared towards children. Yuck. Oh well! We just started season 1 of the West Wing, so that will last Kevin and I for a while :). We are also liking 1600 Penn, but it is pretty slapstick-y.

Trish said...

I cannot get over that baby's adorable wise old man face!

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