Saturday, January 12, 2013

My Life In Pictures

wearing my cute hat my sister-in-law made me.  I wear it all the time.
This is where my old pug hides from my puppy.  I can't put anything on that bottom shelf.
Have you seen this on Pinterest?  You put cooked chicken in your mixer with the paddle attachment, perfectly shredded chicken in just a couple of minutes!  Brilliant!

My son's shoes needs some glue.

I like to take pictures of him asleep because I like to remind myself that he can actually be still.

Nothing else to say about this situation.

I went casual that day.  I go casual EVERY day.

This dog.  He makes me crazy.  He's cute.  He makes me crazy.
Tunnel vision on our daily walk in the freezing cold.

I've been working on these stripes forever.  Seriously, forever.

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Diana of Diana Rambles said...

I like this idea of doing life in pictures. Maybe it's something I'll doing on a monthly basis. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! I am following on Pinterest!

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