Saturday, January 5, 2013

My Life In Pictures

Last week we took all the cousins sledding to celebrate Devin's birthday. I took over 300 pictures. And not one of them had a picture of me.  It's all my fault.  I was taking the pictures and I don't really enjoy pictures of myself.

I know how important it is for children to see their mom's picture.  My mom's been gone 16 years and when I see a photo of her life stops as I gaze at her beautiful face.  It's rough for me to think of my children being without me.  But I know they will want pictures.

My hair won't be perfect, they don't care.
I have a muffin top, they don't care.
My face is rounder than I would like, they don't care.
I show my love for them, they care.
They will see us together, they care.
They will remember because they care.

Saturdays will be the days I post pictures of my life.
I will be in some of the picture.
Because they care.


Trish said...

It's so true! I really don't like pictures of myself at all. But, like you, I realize it's important. So, lately I've been pushing the issue. Handing the camera over to someone else for a shot or two. Guess what? I've kind of liked some of the pictures. Because I'm usually in the middle of something with someone I love (kids or grand kids usually) and that's a magic filter. ;)

Jason, as himself said...


Team Shelton said...

That last picture of Devin is priceless.

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