Monday, January 7, 2013

Maskara for Short Lashes

I have short eyelashes.  Really Short.  To make matters worse in the eyelash department, I have hooded eyelids.  Which make my short eyelashes even shorter.  I've tried every mascara known to man, I mean woman.  Okay you got me, I don't try expensive brands because I'm too cheap.  But I've tried every mascara under $12.00.  Nothing has made me have lengthy lashes.  I've even used fake eyelashes.  I liked the look but those fake hairy things are too fussy for everyday life.

Top: Before   Bottom: After

Que the fat lady to sing because I've found the BEST mascara in the world for short lash sufferers like myself.  Really!  I will never mess around with another mascara again.  It is the Voluminous False Fiber Lashes from L'Oreal.

 My daughter who is my fashion guru doesn't like this mascara because it clumps up her eyelashes.  But she has amazing lengthy lashes.  They are so long and full that I can't even tell if she's wearing mascara or not.  She doesn't understand my pain! So if you have naturally long lashes this may not work for you.  But us short lashed girls must unite!

This post did not go as planned.  I had a hard time getting a good picture of the mascara.  I even went outside in the 8 degree weather to get a decent picture.  And then I accidentally deleted the photos!  As I'm writing this post my dumb dog at an entire loaf of banana bread he swiped off the counter!  
 All opinions are my own because no one would pay me for this crap.

Madison's youtube Beauty channel.
I like the looks from Maskcara.  Her name is Cara, her blog is Maskcara, get it?   
I make my own eye makeup remover. 

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