Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Link Up

I will be repeating these words to myself all day.
Please let there be drops of awesome all over the place!
This song about instagram keeps me laughing! (there's an F word in there so don't say I didn't warn you!)
I want to cook everything on this Pinterest board!  Except the things with black beans.  Because we all know black beans taste like death.
I want to knit this adorable pom pom hat for my nieces.  But one lives in hot Las Vegas so I don't know if she'd be able to wear it.  The other one lives in freezing Vernal, so she maybe I can get it made up for her.


Jason, as himself said...

Ha! That Instagram video was funny. Now they need to do one about Pinterest.

Trish said...

I completely agree. Well...except for the part about black beans and knitting.

Team Shelton said...

It's pretty cold here, and you know we go on walks daily so Lydia would love the hat...just saying ;)

Katrine said...

Yeah! I want to make my niece's matching hats!

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