Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ethan's Arrow Of Light

Last night Ethan received his Arrow Of Light.  He worked really hard to accomplish everything.

They asked me to choose a virtue I thought best represented Ethan.  I chose self control because once Ethan decides to do something, he works really hard and gets it done.  He will pass up extra things until he has accomplished what he set out to do.

Ethan was excited for his big night.  They used the Arrow Of Light Face painting ceremony.  It is a cute, simple, and fun ceremony that all the Scouts enjoy.  I appreciate the scout leaders that made the night perfect for Ethan!

Remember how I said I was going to get in the pictures more often?  Well, I tried.  I asked Cameron to take the photos.  He got mad at Ethan for something so the entire time he's complaining.  And then between shots he would walk up and try to slug his little brother.  Nice, right?  I can't be in the pictures because it causes sibling conflict.  HA!

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