Thursday, January 24, 2013

Afterthought Heel Socks

Devin was with me when I was shopping for yarn.  "Mom, will you make me some socks?"
"Mom, can I pick out the colors?"

He picked out a manly color scheme.  For 2 months he has been asking me when I'm going to make his socks.  I finally got them done for him.  Devin wore them for these pictures and then promptly took them off.  He says he'll never wear them again because they're itchy.  Uh...bummer.

I could beg and plead and bribe him to wear them.  But the truth is I'm not really thrilled with them myself.  The yarn is self striping which I love.  But I was too lazy to match the stripes.  I didn't think it would bother me.  Does it?  Absolutely!

I did learn how to do an after thought heel.  It seems to work up a lot quicker.  And I also learned to do Russian Grafting instead of Kitchener which is simply brilliant!  So these socks are not a complete loss, I schooled myself on sock knitting.

Russian Grafting video, buh bye kitchener!
Part One Afterthought heel, Part Two



Chrissy said...

These are really cute! Do you knit or crochet them? I have a new Pinterest party and would love to have you share this if you have a chance!!


Cranberry Morning said...

Those are darling! I marvel at you knitters. I've made many hats, a couple sweaters, and need to get back into it. But socks??? They look too hard! :-)

Thanks for stopping in today. You're right about hats and cold weather. Cold weather has a way of keeping one

Unknown said...

What yarn did you use? I love knitting socks for my family but I don't want to work that hard to have someone say that they are not going to wear them because they are itchy!

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