Thursday, December 13, 2012

Naughty Or Nice

I am making a naughty or nice list for complete strangers because they can't hear me through my car window.  Ha!


The first one on the Mr. in my neighborhood who honked at me because I wasn't moving fast enough for him.  I have a stop sign.  It is my right to decide if it's safe to proceed.  Did you notice the child crossing in front of my vehicle?  There is also a car coming from the opposite direction.  Oh, and it is snowing and very slick. 

The crossing guard holding the stop sign means you should stop, completely, until the crossing guard puts down the stop sign.  It doesn't mean to proceed when you can maneuver your car around the children, the guard, and the cones.  You are a naughty, naughty man!


You are a nice boy for holding your hands with your little sister as you walk her to school.  Extra points for doing it in front of your friends from Junior High!

The principal of the Junior High gets on the nice list for standing out in the freezing cold to direct traffic.  I hope Santa brings you some hand warmers!

This is one of my favorite Christmas songs.  It calms me and brings me focus.  I've been known to play it any month of the year if I need to center myself.  Amy Grant is on the nice list!

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