Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I'll Give You A Pumpkin For Your Attention

A portion of my childhood was spent trying to get my Dad's attention. 
"Hey Dad, did you know I play the violin?"
"I'm singing in a road show."
"Did you know I go to school and have teachers and report cards?"
He couldn't bother with any of those things because he had to take care of the garden and feed the goats.  Horticulture and farm life took priority.

This weekend I was flipping through pictures of my children.
"Hey Dad, here's Madison.  Isn't she beautiful?"
"Here are your grandsons on a hike.  They like outdoors like you do."
He barely glanced at the pictures.
"Look, Dad.  I grew 20 pumpkins in my garden this year."
"Well, would you look at that,"  he took my ipod to get a better look, "they really are something!"

I can be a good mother to his 4 beautiful grandchildren and I get crickets.  I grow vegetables and I get his attention.

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