Monday, November 5, 2012

How to Make A Mummy Costume Link

Are you sick of Halloween?  I know it's November.  I wanted to show you Ethan's mummy costume because we really like how it turned out! 

We bought a pair of long john's from Walmart and I tea dyed it to turn them from white to cream to give it an aged look.  The fabric I used was from a project that bombed.  It was a stretchy fabric that had natural wrinkles to it.  I cut the strips to be from 2" - 4" wide.

For the top, I had Ethan wear the long john's as I wrapped the fabric around him and safety pinned it into place.  Then I tacked them into place with needle and thread.  When everything was how I wanted it, I stitched through all the thickness down the sides of the shirt.

For the pants, I unstitched the inseam and then stitched the pieces all over the pants just as I did the top.  I then stitched the inseam again.

We simply wrapped his head with strips to complete Ethan's mummy look!

For more detailed directions, Melissa from Polka Dot Chair has pictures for you from her twin's costume.

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