Monday, October 29, 2012

When The Hunter's Away

His family will play!
John took our two older sons hunting, leaving the youngest boy a little sad and lonely. 
So, to cheer him up I gave him a pony!

Just kidding!  You can talk me into a puppy, but I draw the line at a pony!  We went to Gardener Village to look at the Halloween decor and go to the petting zoo.  But the entire Salt Lake Valley had the same idea.  It was so crowded!

We held bunnies.  I can't remember the last time I held a bunny!

I stepped in cow poop.  The woman next to me looked at my foot and cried out, "I'm not a farm girl!"  She grabbed her son's arm, turned on her heel, and left the gate open.  I repeat, she left the gate open!  This cute little calf took the opportunity to flee the petting zoo!  The employee glared at me because she thought I left the calf out! 
Stupid non-farm girl!

There were also sheep. 

And an alpaca.  I've never pet an alpaca before!

After petting the sheep and alpaca I had a hankering for some myself!  No, I didn't eat them.  I went to my favorite yarn shop where they sell sheep and alpaca yarn!  

I had a lot of fun spending one on one time with my little guy!  Cow poop and all.
The best part of the weekend?  My husband and boys didn't kill anything!
Win, win!

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