Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sewing School Boy Pants

My boys wear school uniforms.  They are allowed to only wear blue or khaki pants.  This limits what choices when we shop for clothes.  They are further limited by their small sizes (I grow little kids).  Devin likes to make it more difficult by refusing to wear pants with any buttons, zippers, or snaps.  He thinks it takes too long to have to fasten anything.  I prefer to not think of this as lazy but that he wants to expeditious!

We found a few pairs of khaki but had no luck with navy pants.  I picked up navy corduroy, drafted a pattern, and the rest is history.  And speaking of history, have you watched "Kid History?"  Hilarious!

I sewed one pair of pants and decided they were a little thin for those future freezing Utah mornings walking to school.  The next pair I added I lined them with the softest flannel fabric. 

Devin's Dinosaur hoody.
Ikat's Smoooth wastebands
Delia used an old T-shirt to line her son's pants.  I love the jacket!


Laura said...

They look great, I really like the lining and I bet they're really cosy. That's a shame you didn't get as much sewing time as you hoped but it's good to see your kids are all ok. Hopefully you can find some time this week instead.

Jason, as himself said...

Do you make his underwear, too? Please say you don't.

Next you'll be sewing him some designer jeans.

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