Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Lookee what I have here!  A thrifted shirt for only $3.99!  I love the orange color.  Or at least I thought it was orange but then the only thread that matched was red.  So, is it red or orange?  Or should I compromise and call it orange-red?

Anyway, it was a tad bit big.  Okay, a lot big as in XXL.  But never fear, I can work with it.  I feel like I'm using a lot of comas, as in too many comas, which would make my English teacher grumpy, and now I can't remember my English teacher's name.

I took it in on both sides, and raised the shoulder seams.  I made the front shorter than the back because that look is in style.  And we all know I'm the style maven on my street!  Ha! Hahahaha!

It's comfy and I'm happy with it!

Delia refashions sweaters into cardigans.  My favorite is the blue one.
There is an entire group dedicated to Refashionistas.  You can read their blogs or even join the group.

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Jason, as himself said...

I like this! I especially like it with the necklaces.

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