Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How To Sew Pajama Pants Links

I sewed two pairs of simple pajama pants for KCWC for my two youngest children. 
The first pair if for my skate boarder son, Ethan.  I wish you could feel this flannel.  It is super soft! 

The rockstar fabric is for my 5 year old monster.  I have a top cut out that I plan to sew  tomorrow.  I think this fabric is so cute!  I went back to the store because I wanted to buy more but they were sold out.  Bummer!

I plan to have my boys model their new clothes when KCWC is over.  It will be easier to bribe ask them kindly to model for me one time instead of everyday.

Hammer And Thread has a pattern to make lounge pants out of adult sized T-shirts.
Christmas is coming!  Get your Christmas PJ's ready with My Cotton Creations.
Free pattern from Dana at Made

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