Monday, September 24, 2012

Pieced T-Shirt Dress With Links

What would you do with 4 women sized T-shirts from the clearance rack? 

I cut my shirts into strips. 

Then I surged the sides. 

Next surge the strips together. Yes, I meant to surge the outside of the fabric so my stitching showed. It's grunge looking. On purpose. It's purposed grunge. 

The part you don't see is I cut off the bottom half of an 18 month size T-shirt and a 0-3 month sized onesie. I always forget how teeny tiny babies are! Surge the strips to the bottom of the shirts. 

And to finish it off I gave the hem a lettuce hem. Here's a great tutorial how to do this at Oliver + S.

These dresses are for my cute nieces 15 month old Avery, and 3 week old Lydia. And that teeny tiny onesie fit my teeny tiny niece!


Kojo made one but she didn't cut off the bottom half of the onesie.  Genius!
Kojo didn't stop at one.  I love the grey and black one with the ruffled waist.  Cute!
I Am Momma has a tutorial involving paint.  She also left the exposed seams but didn't surge it.  So cute!


Team Shelton said...

Thanks for being a great Aunt and making this cute little dress for our Lydi-bug! So cute. And thanks for visiting too.

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness, she is darling! And that dress is just perfect. I like it a lot!

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