Monday, September 17, 2012

Maxi Dresses Sewing Tutorials

I made maxi dresses for my daughter and myself.  We don't normally wear skirts all day, but these are so comfortable that we wore them until bedtime.  We love them!

For Madison's dress, I used the tutorial from ikatbag for a smooth waistband.  It's such an easy process that adds a beautiful finish.  I measured her waist and added 4" and brought the hem to the floor.

I used icandyhandmade's tutorial for the Mismatched maxi.  I love the knit, the stripes, and the yoga waistband.  I want to make more!

I've saved a bunch of tutorials for more maxi mayhem.
icandy handmade has 5 cute tutorials all in a row for you.
Watch out for the Woestmans has a maxi that flows so nicely.
This maxi has an umpire waist at Simple Bliss.
And let me add this cute caftan dress from Simple Simon.
I'm visiting Fingerprints On The Fridge.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

I love the blue maxi skirt! I'd make it if the weather wasn't so rubbish in the UK! Will have to pin it so I can do it next year :]

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