Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cameron's 14th Birthday

Let's celebrate! My oldest son turns 14 today! Cameron has changed so much in the past couple of years. I love that kid so much!

  • What was the last chore you did? putting laundry away
  • What is your favorite song?  Sweet Child Of Mine
  • What do you like to eat for lunch at school? salad, pizza, ham & cheese sandwich
  • What's the nicest thing you've done for someone in your family lately?  I helped them with things they found hard.
  • What makes you mad? When someone messes up something of mine or breaks something of mine.
  • Where would you like to go on vacation next year?  Hawaii
  • Who's the smartest person in your family? My Dad
  • How are you like Mom?  I work a lot.
  • What's one thing that Mom always says to you?  I love you.
  • What's one thing that you and Dad do together that you'll always remember? We went hunting.
  • If you had a million dollars, what's the first thing you'd buy? A pool.
  • How do you know that Mom and Dad love you? They tell me and they take risks for me.
  • What's your favorite cereal? Honey Nut Cheerios
  • What's your favorite TV show? Star Wars The Clone Wars
  • What's your favorite vegetable? lettuce
  • What toy would you never give away?  Most of my Mega Blocks
  • What's your favorite game?  Star Craft II
  • What's your favorite book? Hunger Games
  • What food would you eat every day if you could?  Ice Cream 
  • What's the first thing you want to show your friends when they come to your house? My Mega Blocks
  • What's the scariest thing you've ever done? The space roller coaster
  • Is your room messy or clean?  messy
  • If you could eat at any restaurant for the rest of your life, where would it be? The restaurant on our cruise.
  • What's your favorite candy bar? milk chocolate
  • What's your nickname? Cam
  • What's the best age to be? 14
  • What do you and your brothers fight about? I try to help them but we end up fighting.
  • What's under your bed? My robot dinosaur and stuff that fell off my bed.
  • What's your favorite holiday? Christmas

  • I got the questions from Sophia's blog.

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