Thursday, May 3, 2012

This House

This house is on the way to my in-law's cabin. 
It speaks to me.
It wants to be mine.

It wants me to repair it's cracks and to paint it's trim.
It wants shutters beside the windows.
It wants a new light fixture above it's doorway.
It wants trees and tulips to border the walk.

It wants me to replace the chain link fence with a white picket fence.
It wants me to repair the inside with the style from the period it was originally built.
It wants to be furnished with antique furniture and feather beds.

It wants to keep my family comfortable and warm with it's two fireplaces.
If I had the money to fulfill this house's wishes, it would be mine.


1 comment:

Kristen Victoria said...

That is my dream to own an old house and bring it back to life!!! I love older builds... they are all so unique in their own way :)

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