Thursday, May 17, 2012

Green Thumb

My father had a green thumb. It was a dark forest green thumb that grew beautiful vegetables out of the rocky soil below Timpanogous Mountain.  Sadly, I inherited his big nose instead of his green thumb.

I've tried growing a few gardens here and there and nothing much came out of it.  This year I had the opportunity to have a 7" x 30" plot in our town's community garden.  I have decided to take a chance on this garden.  I feel I have a very good chance at making this garden successful because there is a whole community of gardeners out there. Because if I have people that will notice my weeds or my lack of watering I perform well when afraid of humiliation.

This weekend we planted tomato and green pepper plants. 
And marigolds to keep bugs away from the tomatoes.

We also planted green bean, zucchini, pumpkin, and carrot seeds.

Grow, veggies, grow!  Don't embarrass me!

1 comment:

Lacking Productivity said...

Good luck! We love our little garden boxes. I want to add like 4 more in the next couple years. We are running out of room.

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