Sunday, May 27, 2012

Graduation Week!

My daughter is graduating from high school on Thursday. I can scarcely believe it! I just want to say to all those who tell me I look to young to have a daughter graduating, say it again!  Yes, I have a daughter who is graduating from high school and she turns 18 one week later.  Crazy!

We are having a party on Friday.  It will be a beautiful 83 degrees so it will be outdoors.  I am trying to pull together some outdoor decorations.  As any smart talented woman would do, I have turned to Pinterest for inspiration.

Source: via Katrine on Pinterest

Source: via Katrine on Pinterest

Today Made It On Monday featured an ultimate Chandelier from a wedding she attended.  It's so creative and unique.  I love it!


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Jason, as himself said...

So these are all shots of your back yard, right?

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