Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Five Strategies To Being A SAHM

Step away from the computer
This one's a hard one for me.  I mean to simply check my email and before I know it I've been sucked into the world wide web.  I set time limits so I can get "real life" accomplished.  And my kids don't want a mom on the computer all the time.

To Do List
I am not a natural list maker.  My man taught me the power of writing things down.  Once I have my goals or to do items written down it gives my day direction and I get more things accomplished.

Do One Procrastinated Item
I may not be a natural list maker, but I am definitely a procrastinator.  I try to do at least one thing I have put off everyday.  Today I mailed a rebate.  It seems I try my best to avoid phone calls and the mail!

Kid's Pick
I let one or more of my kids pick what I should do.  Take a walk, go to the park, color, whatever my little munchkin wants to do!

Guilty Pleasure
Everyday I do something that I want to do, just because.  I give myself a pedicure.  Have a soda.    Veg in front of the TV.  Take a bath.  I know it's a waste of time, calories, or money, but I do it anyway just because I want to!


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