Monday, April 2, 2012


Dear Dr. Pepper, I really should give you up. But I don't wanna!

Dear Zoe, if you keep losing your teeth I'm going to have to buy you doggy dentures.  Or blend up your food.

Dear dust, I loath you.  I clean you up and 3 days later you're back.

Dear book, I bought you Saturday, and I believe I will finish you today.  You are that good!

Dear Arrested Development, thanks for the laughs!

Dear Hunger Games movie, you did not disappoint!

Never Nude Convention, the Twilight way!
Source: via Katrine on Pinterest

1 comment:

Jason, as himself said...

I loved the Hunger Games movie, too. Even though I had read the book, my heart was pounding through the whole movie. So well done.

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