Monday, March 5, 2012

A Designer Dress, For Me?!

I needed a fancy dress for an upcoming vacation. So, Madison and I hit the stores. Maddie found a little red number for me. It fit perfectly and I loved how it fit on me. I looked at the tag to see the price and I was so excited to see a Michael Kors label. I know the designer from my favorite reality show, Project Runway. I love his designs! Could I actually have a Michael Kors dress, little me?

Check out the price! I can't have a dress for that price.
You know, little me, with a little budget.

But for this price I can most definitely have a Michael Kors dress!
Love TJ Maxx!


Lacking Productivity said...

Where you going on vaca lady in red?

Jason, as himself said...

You look great in red! Just like mom did.

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