Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bed Fairies

Before we went on our cruise I stocked up on Dramamine because Ethan has been known to get motion sick.  But out of the 12 of us traveling, guess who got sea sick?  ME!

There were 5 steps to my sickness.
1. I would feel sick. 
2. Take a dose of Dramamine.
3. Fall asleep for an hour.
4. Wake up and party for an hour.
5. Repeat.
After 2 days I finally got smart and just started to take a pill every 90 minutes.  I didn't pass out or get sick if I kept up the dosage.

The best part of being sick (if there is a best part) was our steward, JayJay.  I loved that man!  Every time I came back to the room the bed was made!  If I wasn't a mother, or a professional bed maker, I would have thought there were bed fairies on that ship!  It was so nice to crawl into a fresh bed every time I felt sick. 

JayJay also knew my name.  No one ever remembers my name! 

One more note about sickness, I will never eat Avocado soup again.  Never.

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