Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Texting

I texted my 5 brothers a Valentine message.

Happy love day to all my bros!
I love you!

It makes me laugh to read their responses because it shows their different personalities.

Jason: Same to you!
Ray: Gross!
Daniel:  Silence, no response from our Dan!
Ben: Thanks you're the best sister I have! text came with a pic of a crying boy 
(I'm his only sister so it's an on going joke that I'm their favorite)
Paul:  Love you too sister. Is John turning on the extra charm today?

Yes, John did turn on some charm.  He gave me some Burberry perfume I've been wishing for.


1 comment:

Lacking Productivity said...

Clearly my husband is the most thoughtful and charming of the 5...

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