Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Two Food Fails

I made two recipes from Pinterest. Sadly, my family wishes I didn't make them.
So do I.

In my hurry to make my grocery list and get my shopping done I didn't pay much attention to the ingredients for Mexican Chicken Casserole. And I didn't pay attention that it was a casserole. I don't make casseroles and the main ingredients in the recipe are three cans of processed soups. Blech.

My second recipe failure was the Chicken Enchilada Pasta.  I'm noticing a theme of the chicken Mexican variety.  I should just go to Taco Bell and save myself this grief.  I admit it was my fault that this recipe was a flop.  I didn't have any of the green enchilada sauce and so I just made it entirely of red enchilada sauce. It was much to strong and I dumped the entire dish in the trash.  What a waste!  Has anyone tried this recipe?  Is is good with the green sauce?

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