Sunday, February 5, 2012

Testosterone: It's Flowing!

We, and as we I mean John, treated the boys to Real Steel.  I barely tolerated it in the movie theater and now my boys have seen it at least ten times since Thursday!

Ethan stumbled into my room about an hour after he went to bed last night. "Mom, I want you to be on my robot team."

"What?" I asked.

He started to get a little upset and he said, "Mom, I want you to take your robots and be on my team!"

"Ethan, are you sleep walking?"

With this last question he became emotional and said, "No! I just need your robots!" John picked up the sleepy little guy and carried him to his bed. I asked him this morning about his robot team and he doesn't remember any of it. So funny!

And now I am hiding in my bedroom away from the noise of Superbowl. Between Superbowl and Real Steel, the testosterone is thick in my house!

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