Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Knee Patches

My charming middle son has 5 pairs of pants. In two weeks he managed to make holes in the right knee of all 5 pairs! What is he doing with his pants?! I can't figure it out. I didn't want to buy him new pants. Not only because of the cost, but until I know what the kid is doing to cause the holes, I don't want to buy new pants only to ruin them in a couple of weeks!

I don't like the look of patches on pants, but I was going to do it anyway. The problem was I couldn't fit those little legs around my sewing machine. grrrr.... And then I found the solution! And then I felt silly that I hadn't thought of it myself. It's so obvious. And it works great! I followed the steps to fix the holes in Ethan's jeans from Shannon Makes Stuff. Fabulous!

I took a couple of shots in Ethan in his repaired jeans before he left for school. Poor buddy looks so sleepy!
Love that kid!

1 comment:

Jason, as himself said...

Maybe you should just sew him his own homemade designer jeans.

Diego has that same shirt.

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