Sunday, January 1, 2012

It's A New Year

If I were to make New Years Resolutions it would be what most people include in their goals. 
Lose weight. Save money. Get organized. blah blah blah....

All those things are good things. I don't wish to overwhelm myself before the year even begins. I want to start the year fresh with hope for the future. 
I am choosing a little word to start my year. One that will balance all those things I wish to achieve in my life. 
My little word is 

I can be an anxious person who forgets to have fun. I get caught up in the day to day things and I get trapped in the details and forget the unimportant things in life. I am going to release tension, perfection, anxiousness, and fear. Basically, I'm going to release the unimportant issues and basically get over myself!

Happy New Year!

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Jason, as himself said...

Do you remember that this was my word a couple of years ago? Maybe we're related.

Having this word throughout the year really helped me! There were so many things that year that I really needed to let go of in one way or another. I still use the word sometimes, and I'll tell you that I've never regretted it.

Last year I never settled on a word. So I kind of went through the year without as much of a sense of direction.

What should my word be this year?

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