Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cooking By Pinterest: Kolaches

This week I am Cooking by Pinterest! I'm actually going to make some of those yummy looking recipes.

I am not one for doughnuts. I don't really appreciate all that sweetness. But in Texas we would often stop at the doughnut shops for Kolaches. They are a bread filled with sausage and cheese or sausage and ham. Delicious! Sadly, they do not have this breakfast goodness in Utah. We have fry sauce, but there isn't a Kolache to be found!

I have tried to make some with disastrous results. Until now! The Budget Gourmet Mom has a recipe for Breakfast Pockets. But I am calling them Kolaches because they taste exactly like my much loved Texas Kolaches! I am happy! My family is happy!

The recipe is simple, but a tad bit time consuming. I wrap the leftovers in plastic wrap and freeze them. Remove the plastic and wrap them in a paper towel and microwave them for 2 minutes for a quick breakfast. I used ham instead of sausage and it was delightful!


Lacking Productivity said...

You just don't know where to go for breakfast.

or better yet

You won't need the stuff baked inside once you have discovered that breakfast belongs to the hero roll.

Alyx said...

Those look super delicious!

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