Monday, January 16, 2012

Blood Red

I picked up this little dress at the thrift store. I liked the style but I don't like to wear white. It makes me look pasty and I have too many little boy fingers running around here so white never stays pristine. So, what's a DIY type girl supposed to do? Make it red of course!

I placed a large plastic container on my kitchen counter to dye my dress.  With the dress and all the red dye floating around it looked like a big vat of blood.  All 4 of my children and my husband walked in and asked, "Why is there blood on the counter?"  But they didn't ask it with the concern that someone had just lost a great deal of blood and this is a life threatening event, and please help that person!  It was more like why would you put it on the counter?  The same way you would ask why your son put his filthy tennis shoes on the counter!  Which makes me ask myself, why does everyone in my family find it normal for me to have a rubbermaid container of blood but it bothers them that I would store it on the kitchen counter?  Has my family always suspected me to be a motherly vampire?

After the blood bath I chopped the bottom portion off and made it a little tunic for myself.  I like it!

I was whining about the fact that I don't know how to take good pictures and so my 5 year old spoke up, "Mom you should do it like this!" And then he struck a pose and gave me a little lesson!
Love him!
  pleated poppy


Jason, as himself said...

And then he shot you dead with an imaginary finger gun.

Jason, as himself said...

But you look really good in it!

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