Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Birthday Today

It's my birthday today!
I woke up to a soon to be 5 year old crawling into my bed at 5:45 am.  "Mom, I have a very important question."
"Okay.  What is it?"
"You're pretty!" he declared instead of questioned.
Is that not the best way to start a birthday?!
Today I celebrated by only doing things I want to do: 
took a deliciously hot bath not putting on makeup, and this is why there is no birthday picture of myself today! quick trip to Micheal's
a leisurely trip to Barnes and Noble (love that store) 
spent some time sewing John's bringing home Chinese food (he should be here any minute) 
And then I am going to watch One Day while I crochet Madison's hat for Christmas that she asked for 
Speaking of Madison she gave me a cute pair of shoes. What a sweetie! 
Yeah, my food's here!


Lacking Productivity said...

Hope you had a delightful day my dear!

jlo said...

Well, Happy Birthday!!!

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