Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Sharing Time

How adorable is this? 
I'll be making this for Devin after Thanksgiving. I have to get past the cooking first!
Boyville is from Ashley at Lil Blue Boo. She is one talented lady courageously fighting some health battles right now.

Stop everything and read "Am I Really Posting This?" from Tam.  I have read it several times. 
I love the poem. 
If you down on herself for not getting the laundry done or the story read, this will encourage you. 
Read it again! 

My latest favorite blog is Eisy Morgan.  I am loving her Blogging 101: Blogging Reality series
One can get lost in her blog for hours
I know because I have.

I am hoping to make these little finger puppets for the little Turkeys sitting at my table this Thanksgiving.
The pattern is at the Frog Prince Paperie.

Source: via Katrine on Pinterest

I say this to my children all the time.  And then they try to come up with their own distance. 
For example, "I love you all the way to Wal-Mart and then the moon!"

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