Wednesday, November 16, 2011

School Lockdown Outfit

Here's another What I she wore Wednesday. Isn't she adorable? I love her boots so much that I went and bought a pair like them for myself! Sorry Maddie, imitation is the best form of flattery!

Today I received a text from my high school daughter that said, "Mom, our school's on lockdown. Someone is armed in the building. I'm locked in a closet."

I can't tell you the fear and panic that came over me! This is my daughter in one of those horrible events you see on the news. A friend was with me at the time. She also has a teenage son in the same school. We jumped in her car to go to the school. We were halfway there when the lockdown was called off. There are apartment buildings behind the school where there were sightings of an armed man. He hasn't been found.

Yesterday I took away Madison's phone for a punishment. Before she left for school this morning I gave her back her phone despite the fact I had planned on grounding her for several days. I am so glad she had her phone for instant communication. I will never ground her from her phone again! (don't tell her)

Tonight I am loving on my children! I am so grateful they are safe. They are home.
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candy's clothes closet said...

Oh how SCARY!! Your daughter is gorgeous! I LOVE, LOVE her outfit too! I agree that imitation is the best form of flattery;) Stay Fashionable! Love, Candy ps. due to this post...I don't think I'll ever ground my daughter from her phone either. You just never know.

Andee Flynn said...

scary scary is right! thank God she is safe and sound.

love your daughter's outfit!

thanks for visiting me @ my blog & for following! so sweet! i want to follow you back but couldn't find google friend connect. i'm following you on pinterest though! great pin boards!

Jeanna said...

Your daughter is so cute! When I was a freshman in high school we had that happen a lot. It's very scary. I'm glad she is ok...

Jeanna @

Linda Z said...

Thank God she is safe! She is beautiful and I hope you are both doing ok emotionally.

Unknown said...

OH wow! What a scary situation I'm sure! Glad everyone was safe!!! Her outfit is adorable! :) Love the dress with those boots!

Anonymous said...

That's so scary! Glad everyone is ok!

One time I was in class in college and a friend texted saying there was a gunman on campus. I seriously nearly peed my pants and screamed to the professor to lock everything down.

The guy was actually several blocks from campus and my friend overreacted.

Jodi said...

That is CRAZY. You never think it will happen in your town, huh? Sooo glad she had her phone an nothing happened. (And I LOOOVE her outfit!)

Karri said...

TOTALLY scary! And your daughter is beautiful :)

Thanks for coming by and commenting on my blog!!!

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