Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ruffled T

I picked up Madison's graduation ring. When I looked it over with the salesperson I thought I would need to bring it in to a jeweler to get it resized larger. It was little bitty! The truth is that the ring is too small for her ring finger and she wears it on her middle finger! So it should have been no surpise that the T-shirt I bought in a small was too big. I have a sewing machine, I can take care of that!  I used a T-shirt that she likes and cut that T down!

I wanted to fancy up this plain T.  I loved the Ruffled collar at Little Inspirations.  It came together quite easily.  I only wish I had made a larger neckline.

My beautiful model burned herself with a flat iron. Again. Next time you see her ask about the burn she received when she sat on her flat iron. Good times!

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